Behind Vibez Energy Jewelry

It all started when...

Brittany walked into a crystal shop, she was instantly drawn to so many beautiful stones and pieces. She bought some for herself, her friends, and family. Within a week of having them in her home she noticed a significant difference. Brittany felt more positive and less stressed out! She felt more connected and inspired, that's when she realized she wanted to take these everywhere with her. Brittany began studying different crystals and stones learning about their healing properties and experimenting. As a creative person naturally, and a graduate of New York City's famous Fashion Institute "FIT" her journey led her to the birth of Vibez Energy Jewelry. Extremely authentic, unique, precious stone & crystal Jewelry.

After a lot of experimentation and learning about specific crystal/stone healing properties, she realized the crystals she was first drawn to had healing properties targeting certain areas in her life that needed some TLC naturally. Brittany was astonished, the crystals that she loved, her body and mind were actually telling her that she needed them in her life!

"I wanted others to feel the same way and experience those positive affects of these mysterious miracle workers as I have. So, that's when and why I created Vibez. A Jewelry collection of authentic crystals/stones pulled from all over the earth that vibrate at the highest frequencies targeting certain specific areas where your body, mind, and soul may need some TLC"

Vibez is here to serve you and transform YOUR life. All you have to do is open your heart and mind to feel the magic of positive transformation! Whether you love unique creative handcrafted jewelry or crystals/stones, this is the perfect place for you.

love and light,